Motivation Theories On Job Design / Job Enrichment Essay

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There is a very interesting theory on the problems we can encounter at work, and the following websites have the information about it. I. Principles of Management by Carpenter, M, B, Erdogan (2009) Chapter 14, pages 336*337 on Job enrichment and job design. II. Also on the case study of Elizabeth Layman (2011), job redesign for Expanded HIM Funtions, 2011 AHIMA Convention Proceeding. On the website; “http;// dDocName=bok1_049430” Motivation Theories on Job Design/Job Enrichment? As I uderstood there are “four levels; reengineering, restructuring, work redesign, and job redesign. This chategories will help the managers to create an struicture to better accommodate employees in their way of doing a task. The first one re-engineering, helps managers to accommodate the way the business develops. The restructuring work develops on the big picture. of the growing of the company, and the way its is develp and evolve in a way iw working correctly. And redesign, which comes wih inovative ideas for the company. How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case? They have some principles of organisation whicah are the following according to Elizabeth Lyman and are the following; Specialization; Which mean each employee have a design job, that will help effectively by improving the amount of work done, with their designated time spam. Departmentation; By making employees organize within their group of…

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