Schedulinging In Macy's Inc.

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In any business or organization scheduling for employees is a crucial element of the business. Scheduling affects the overall success of the business, employees, and clients or customers of the organization. Proper scheduling contributes to the flow and organization of the business. Well planned scheduling ensures that important tasks are done efficiently and in a timely manner.
I have worked for Macy’s Inc. for about a year now. Over the entire year my biggest and most consistent issue with being employed there is the scheduling system. The system is focused around a computerized software system. Employees are required to provide their preferred availability and actual availability. Preferred availability are the times and days that you would
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Extrinsic Motivation Theory is displayed in the issue of the scheduling system within the Macys Inc. because it affects how employees view themselves in relation to the business. Extrinsic motivation happens when people are motivated to avoid a negative outcome. Intrinsic motivation occurs when people participate in a particular way because it is naturally rewarding. This idea of extrinsic motivation occurs when people are forced to work a shift that they are not available to work to prevent termination or conflict with authority. Employees are also forced to give shifts away to other associates, causing them to lose guaranteed hours, in order to prevent having attendance points deducted from their record. Problems that are associated with extrinsic rewards include: focusing too narrowly on a specific task, rushing to get the reward, viewing the task as something to be suffered to get the reward, and viewing themselves as a constrained robot, less of a human being. The computerized scheduling system is not designed to allow employees to behave through intrinsic motivation. For example, employees do not feel the desire to pick up extra shifts to help with coverage when they are constantly dealing with the conflict of being penalized for uncontrollable scheduling issues. This system makes employees feel as if they are robots or have to be strictly controlled with this …show more content…
affects the level of satisfaction that employees have with their job. Job Design Theory is about job enrichment and increasing the amount of variety when it comes to managerial duties. The scheduling system is lacking in this theory because there is not enough managerial action when it comes to scheduling. Everything is created strictly with the computer and managers always claim they can only interfere during irrelevant times. For example, when scheduling interferes with my school schedule, managers apologize and inform me that there is nothing that can be done and that I will have to suffer the consequences. When scheduling interferes with big sales or events, managers are then able to make edits that are beneficial to them. Job Design Theory is about employees actually enjoying their job and being content with their job. Being a Macy’s Inc. employee for a year, this issue with the scheduling system has affected the way that I view my job and the day to day tasks that I have to perform. From my education and work experience in management, it is known that managers are generally supposed to help employees balance work and personal life. A happier and satisfied employee reflects in the employees’ customer service and performance. This theory is suggesting that there needs to be more variety in the way that scheduling is done and when managers make decisions so that employees can maintain a high level of satisfaction with their

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