Motivation Is A Positive Effect On The Workforce Essay

727 Words Mar 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Motivation has a positive effect on the workforce. There are several factors which motivate employees; therefore, management should utilize this tool in order to increase employee productivity. On the contrary, lack of motivation can lead to low success expectations, lack of subject interest, achievement anxiety, fear of failure, and low self-confidence (Nordmeyer, 2016). These motivational problems can lead to decreased productivity. Our Heavenly Father has provided us with the Bible so that we may build a solid foundation. That solid foundation must also be built at work. Providing others with motivation is one way of erecting that firm infrastructure.
This post will explain how intensity, direction and effort persistence are combined to produce the process of motivation. In addition, it will also show how Goal-Setting Theory and Equity Theory apply to the concept of motivation. Since employees are an organization’s most valuable asset and motivation correlates positively with productivity, it is in a manager’s best interest to reward and motivate employees (Fischer, 2012).
Problem Statement This business problem relates to how a lack of motivation can lead to decreased productivity. In order for organizations to avoid this negative aspect, management must discover the correct method of motivation for their employees. Through the application of Goal-Setting Theory and Equity Theory, organizations will have motivated employees and see increased productivity.…

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