Motivation And Motivation For Employees Essays

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Setting of goals will give employees something focused to work on and has the power to add productivity in place of work. Coaches and mentors assist workers to create goals which are realistic. They can also analyze the performance of employees and assist employees set goals to make better areas of weakness. All through the process of attaining a goal, coaches and mentors give motivation and feedback in keeping up the spirit of workers to keep on track.
Providing Feedback
Employees in some organizations complain about rarely getting feedback on their performance. Coaches and mentors assist in giving the needed feedback. When employees receive feedbacks which are positive, it reinforces behaviors which are strong in place of work and give employees motivation to keep working hard. Areas of concern are addressed by constructive criticism which offers suggestions on performance improvement .Mentors and coaches should give consistent feedbacks to improve employee performance, and it ensures workers are safe from being caught off guard when they receive discipline for poor performance.
Celebrations and Rewards
Employees get motivated through celebrations and rewards. Coaches and mentors reward workers and celebrate achievements of employees upon reaching their goals in their place of work and make improvements on their performance being based on the constructive criticism. If this is done, respect will be build for the one who coached or mentored and make workers see that a…

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