Why People Need To Motivate Their Teacher

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Teachers need to motivate their student to want to exceed in their classes but also want to be in there class. For the most part a child is as good as their teacher. If a teacher motivates its students the students would want to always over achieve in any subject. They will try as hard as they can to get good grades for their teacher. Carol Dweck a social and developmental psychology who has done a research in which we need to teach our students they need to work hard to achieve success we need to tell our children they need to work hard to overcome any obstacle. Then why not expect the same thing from our teacher. Dweck’s point is that “No one succeeds in a big way without enormous amounts of dedication and effort” (n.pag). Nobody in life …show more content…
They need to have high standards for my child so they can go above and beyond that. All children learn differently but sometimes not even the brightest children can’t learn because they are exhausted. Many children eat breakfast at school and if school starts at 8:15 they can only start serving breakfast 30 minutes before that means school can open their door anywhere from 7:35-7:45. This means children have to get up before 7:00am to get ready and have time to get to school so they can eat breakfast. Some children go to bed after 10:00pm by the time their parents get home make dinner, help with homework, take showers, and if they play a sport this can push their bed time even later. A child needs plenty of sleep and rest so they can be ready to learn. It has been proven schools who pushed their start time to a later time children have improved in their studies. Cathleen Chen a graduate journalist of Northwest University wrote an article in which she speaks about a 3 year project in which schools were closely looked at for their start times and the student’s grades in which it was found a later start time increased children’s academic performance as …show more content…
It does not have to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher it can be an artist, singer, and dancer as long as it makes them happy. There’s so many people who go to school for many years to end up to hate their job because they thought they had no other choice or they were not well prepared on what exactly made them happy. Money is not everything in this world a person needs to realize they will do their job for many years so why not love what they do. Ken Robison an educationalist wrote an article on how many people end up being miserable in their life because they don’t love what they do. Robinson states, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” (n.pag). When a person finds something a job who truly makes them happy they don’t consider it a job they consider this a hobby. This is why it’s so important for our children to start knowing the importance to do what they love and not what pays more from early in life. We need to start opening the doors to all careers from arts to lawyers. Children need to learn early in life what their passion is for. They need to find an interest and pursue it to make sure it makes them

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