Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Essay

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The short essay of “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan emphasizes the different Englishes she uses to communicate with her family and at her professional environment; therefore she explains the differences between non-Standard English and Standard English. Tan views non-standard English as her mother tongue language because her family can communicate better with her. She views Standard English as the formal way to communicate with professional people in a daily basis.
English is the formal language in the United States of America, however, not every individual has the knowledge, the education or ability to speak or express themselves using the formal English Language. In our society, the non-standard English has variations such as the slang English or the Spanglish which is a combination of English mixed with Spanish. In my opinion, I agree with Tan that non-standard English is valuable for some people because it enables them to express even better their feelings, knowledge, and thoughts with their family and relatives who might not speak the Standard English Language. Nevertheless, I also understand that in order to succeed professionally the Standard English Language is necessary.
In my own experience, I have noticed that I speak my mother tongue Language with my parents and my relatives as they can communicate more effectively. Whenever I am with my family or relatives, we usually communicate in Spanglish – (considered non-standard English); this is a way for my parents to…

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