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I am writing this email on behalf of my mother Lubica Krajcikova DOB 11/11/1957. She has asked me to help her to write this email as a formal complaint because her English is not that advanced to be able to include all and accurate information in relation to this complaint.

I am going to use the first person (as she would be writing it) in order to express everything accurately what she would like to say.

" I, Lubica Krajcikova, have been admitted into the Craigavon Area Hospital A&E Department with complaining of chest pain and difficulty to breathe. Everything went well in relation to the physical treatment and diagnosis until a day ago (after being in the hospital few days) when I was told that I said that my son hit me (as reportedly
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Moreover I would like to complain about the approach of the medical staff in the hospital and creating this horrible plot. My mother has been on the phone with me and expressed herself how uncomfortable she feels in the hospital and the way she is treated by the staff. When she was seen by the doctor, she was allowed to have a hot water bottle in the bed. She had it in the bed for whole day after. Next day when she was asking one of the nurses to fill the hot water bottle in, she was refused and that brought her into tear and the state of mind that she wanted to leave the hospital. Straight after the medical staff saw what was happening so they filled in her hot water bottle without any issues. My mother phoned me very distressed and crying and I was speaking to the nurse directly. The first sentence the nurse asked me was that if I am in Australia - clearly it is not enough when my mother says so. I do understand the duty to investigate but when my mother expresses herself on the matter many times and it is not accepted and possibly an error happened when the nurse at A&E was recording the diagnose and might have mistaken the information of another patient (who might have had the issue of domestic violence). End of my words. (Michal Krajcik)

My Mother 's words:

"I would like to lodge this formal complaint in official way and I will wait for

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