Morality in Transformational Leadership Style Essay

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Morality in Transformational Leadership Style

I. Leadership

This article aims to discuss the weakness of transformational leadership style. As we know there are two kinds of leadership styles namely the transformational and transactional leadership.
Leadership occupies a strategic position and is absolutely necessary in an organization, where relationships happen between two people or more in achieving organizational goals. So that the position of a leader in the organization has a very important role in order to influence others to achieve its intended purpose (Burns, 1978).
Robbins & Judge (2006) defines leadership as the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of objectives. This is a process of directing and
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a. Transactional Leadership
According to Burns (1978), transactional leadership occurs when one person takes the initiative to establish contact with others in order to exchange goods or things that are consider important.
Exchange could be a political economic, or psychological. Each of the parties involved in this kind of exchange of resources to realize the power and attitude possessed others. Each side looked the other as a person. The purpose of all parties is related to one another, at least in relation to the goals contained in the exchange process and can be achieved through the process. But the parties involved do not have a relationship outside the exchange. Parties that do this exchange do not have a common goal that unites them for a long time, so that after the exchange is complete, they take care of themselves.
Then Bass and Avolio, (1994) said that transactional leadership is an exchange between leaders and followers in their daily activities in which this exchange is important for the implementation of performance routines that have been agreed between leaders and followers, in other words, transactional leadership emphasizes the transaction or exchange that occurs between leaders, colleagues and subordinates/followers.

b. Transformational leadership
Transformational leadership is the expansion / extension of transactional leadership. Leadership occurs when one or more persons engage with people in such a way that leaders and

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