Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-10

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Chapter 10
In the beginning of this chapter, Scout believes that her father, Atticus, is unlike the other fathers of Maycomb as he does not participate in any sport, or spend time outdoors with her and Jem. Scout is also keeping her promise to Atticus regarding the fact that she will not fight with anyone physically. The two children are rather excited about their Christmas gifts, the two riffles. Uncle Jack agrees to teach the children how to shoot, as Atticus refuses to do so. However, Atticus does say that they should not kill a mockingbird as it is a sin. Scout is uncertain as to why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, therefore she asks Miss Maudie about the subject. During the discussion, it is mentioned that there are no young
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Atticus places emphasis on justice and honesty. He tells his children (Scout specifically) to avoid getting in fights, regardless of peoples’ actions around them. He tells Jem and Scout that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. This concept symbolises the mockingbird being the good in the world- e.g. they are quiet when Tim Robinson comes down the road- and the people killing the good based on unjust reasoning. Boo Radley is an example of a mockingbird. He was persecuted unjustly based on his father’s beliefs but he actually saves the children in the end from Bob Ewell. The incident with the rabid dog shows you how Atticus, keeping in mind he dislikes using a gun, had to choose between the two evils; killing the dog or the dog harming the people. This shows you how Atticus had to be morally correct and how he is a strong character, seeing as he put himself in that position, teaching Scout and Jem true bravery. The rabid dog also represents the racism and prejudice this town holds, in the sense that they already have a set protocol in place as to how to deal with that situation. Atticus clearly has a talent, but won’t peruse it as he doesn’t want to fight against something that cannot fight back. This reveals his character traits of being just and teaches Scout and Jem to apply the same principle. At the end of the chapter, Jem begins to understand that character is built upon how you …show more content…
. . but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”- Miss Maudie pg96
• “If your father’s anything, he’s civilised in his heart.”- Miss Maudie

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