Modern Day Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

917 Words Dec 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Modern day technology is fun to use and is a good pastime for the modern day man. Not only is it fun to use, but it is also very helpful in helping people get by in their daily lives. Electricity may be found nearly everywhere today, but it is a fairly new concept that was discovered nearly a century ago. Now people use electricity, sometimes not noticing until the electricity bill comes. Cars help humans reach distances and speeds that no one thought would be possible a century ago. Phones, computers, and the internet make it easier than ever to connect with people across the continent, and even around the world. Modern day technology has become a part of people’s daily lives, being used in their daily tasks, and sometimes used to the extent that one doesn’t realize that they are using it. A person living in the city wouldn’t be able to survive a week, nay, three days without any type of modern day tech. Modern day technology can be very useful in helping people get through their daily lives, and we are becoming too dependent on it. The modern day man can be so dependent on technology that some may not be able to survive a day without any help from some form of technology. Most people go to work by driving a car. Some would argue that they use a bike, but by using a bike, that person would be getting help from modern day technology. Unless that bike was hand-built by a “bike smith” of some sort, then there’s a good chance that the bike was built in a factory. He would…

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