Model Driven Development Of Complex Software Essay examples

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Model-driven Development of Complex Software: A Research Roadmap
This paper was written by Robert France and Bernhard Rumpe. This is an analytical paper and it is not based on any empirical findings. This paper basically talks about the current research being done in the field of Model driven development and what critical challenges or issues must be resolved in order to realize the full vision of model driven development. The paper was published in 2007 when agile methods had gained high popularity in the software development industry and people were trying to figure out ways of improving on agile methods or mixing aspects of agile methods with other iterative and incremental methods for the betterment of software development.
MDD is an approach to software development where extensive models are created before source code is written. In the MDE vision of software development, models are the primary artifacts of development and developers rely on computer-based technologies to transform models to running systems. A primary example of MDD is the OMG’s MDA standard.
This paper emphasizes that the major factor behind the difficulty of developing complex software is the wide conceptual gap between the problem and the implementation domains of discourse. The paper focuses on various approaches that were used in the past trying to bridge this gap and discusses how human involvement, in this matter, can cause accidental complexities. According to the…

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