Software Development Life Cycle Essay

Software development life cycle(SDLC) consists various phases: requirement gath- ering and analysis, design, implementation or coding phase, testing, deployment and maintenance. In this section, we specify the software requirements of the proposed
EFFM system. This phase is critical to the success of the project. Requirement analy- sis is an art and science. In requirement gathering and ananlysis, customer expectations need to be eshed out in great detail and documented. It requires analysis to work very closely with customers and communication and technical skills to surface underlying system needs.
5.1 Purpose
The purpose of the system is to handle isometric non-linear distortions occurred in the biometric
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The diagrams give a symbolic representation of how control ows through the logic.
After getting acquainted with the project, the reader should know the un- derlying details i.e. the technological details, the cost incurred by the project and the team structure. Then he should go through the system implementation which includes the actual execution of the system. The test cases demonstrate how varying correct or incorrect inputs can be given by the user. The reader should read these to understand what types of inputs must be given for correct execution of the application. The next part includes the results of using the soft- ware. This is important for the user in the sence that he will come to know about the outcome of the software. Reading the deployment and the maintenance part gives the reader knowledge about the installation, installation and user guidelines.
The conclusion part tells the reader about the advantages and limitations of the project. It also includes extendability of the project in terms of future scope this will help the reader decide whether to go for the software or not.
5.3 Project Scope
We developed a system, which can handle an isometric non-linear distortions
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Dirvers of scanners needs to be installed on machine.
5.7 Non Functional Requirements
Non-functional requirements will describe how a system should behave and what limits there are on its functionalty. It is important to correctly state non-functional requirements since they will a ect your user 's experience while interacting with users.
Non-functional requirements specify quality attributes of the system, performance re- quirements, etc.
5.7.1 Interface Requirements
Our proposed system is designed to enhance the matching performance of biometric system. Here, we use ngerprint image as an input to our system. User interacts with system in two ways: GUI and Scanner. So, we analyzed, following are the interface requirements, which are needed to design an interface. Through this interface, user can interact with our system.
1. To give a ngerprint as an input to our system, scanner needs to be connected to PC.
2. To connect scanner to PC, SecuGen device drivers need to be installed.
G.H Raisoni College of Engg. & Mgmt 17
Distorted Fingerprint matching performance improvement based on Fuzzy logic
3. To develop application, SecuGen Software Development Kit(SDK) tool should also be installed on PC.
4. To design GUI, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is also

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