Agile Development

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Globalization and rapid developments in information technology and software development have allowed organizations around the world to adopt Agile software as a technical instrument. The software delivers rapid, improved and efficient information technology solution. The use of Agile software development is a technique that utilizes Agile procedures like Extreme Programming, and Scrum built on iterative and incremental progress. Requirements and solution in agile software development progress are a combined effort of self-organization and cross-functional departments. The process encourages adaptive forecasting, progressive expansions, and distribution, time-based iterative method and encourages a fast and flexible response to variation.
Comparing and Contrasting Agile Development Methodology to Traditional Waterfall Form of Development Methodology
Software development has undergone tremendous growth over the last years as companies are quick to response to customer demands and market opportunities. The methodologies adopted in software development enable companies be disciplined in their approach to designing, coding, deploying, and executing their software development. Having a uniform methodology makes the proccess more efficient and productive. The universal
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Organization finds it challenging to influence the culture of the mindset of people with easy. For instance, before fully adopting the agile system Electronic Arts company usually had an inducement system that encourages non-agile standards while involuntarily rejecting agile software methodology. Organization culture influences the performance and activities of individuals within the organization. The overall culture of the firm hindered faster decision-making

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