Mock Interview Reflection

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The overall process of preparing for the mock interview was long and dehydrated but needed. I see this process being one of the most important endeavors of my high school career. This experience was not easy at all. It takes hard work and a lot of time and effort put behind it to make it work. The process was not as fun as anything else I may have wanted to do but it is a beneficial aspect that will be used vitally. This mock interview will help me by giving me experience, making me a better at answering questions, and giving me a glance at how a real interview may go.
The questions you gave helped and did not help. It helped me by knowing how to answer questions and be able to answer them well and have a full conversation. But, none of the questions you gave were in my interview. It makes me wonder what was the point of giving all of these questions and they didn’t give us any on the interview. It seemed kind of pointless. But now as I look back over
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Again I say, NONE of the QUESTIONS WERE IN MY INTERVIEW! The classroom Interviews helped me a lot more than anything else. It taught me how to answer questions. It taught me how to be a better interviewee and be a good interviewer. A lot of the things helped me but a lot of them did not help. The main reason behind why some things did not help me was because I did not have to use it. Overall my process in being in the mock interview process was very long draining but needed very much so. I believe that if I was asked to take away anything, it would have to be the extra work that I had to go through. It wasn’t needed in this process. In Conclusion, this experience was very helpful by preparing me with handshake exercises, Classroom interviews and questions that were given in our class. All of these things helped and did not help me I being successful in this endeavor. I would like to thank Mr. Thomas Bray and Ms. Ramsey both for this

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