Mobile Disturbances And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

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Mobile Disturbance
The extensive usage of cellphones has provoked a major issue in today’s society, people are constantly having to check their phones to see if anyone has sent them a text or if they’ve received any type of notification, this has grown out of control. Although ever since these cellular devices came out they have made our lives a lot easier, helping us stay connected with faraway friends and family, or something even as drastic as helping us make an emergency call if we have to, but there is also a negative side to cell phones, cell phones have made people nowadays less social and they also leave us more open to be in an accident while on the phone such as fatal car accidents. People are more willing to communicate through cell phones then to have a one-on-one conversation with someone. Do to how these mobile devices let us communicate with anyone around the world at any given time, it makes it difficult for us to know for sure who we are really talking to because the person on the other side of the phone may not be who they claim to be, and this puts a wall up preventing people to build a safe, truth wordy relationship. With all of this in the way it makes it difficult for people to have a meaningful conversation with others. Typed messages through emails or texting can also put a barrier on the user’s verbal communication skills, many people tend to use acronyms when sending messages to one another which can lead to a negative outcome, it may lead some…

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