Comparison Of Phones, Fear, And Frrappuccinos

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Phones, Fear, and Frappuccinos: The popularity of dystopia
The year two thousand marked the end of one generation and the birth of another. This new generation would soon be given the name Digital Natives, because they would the first to grow up using devices like smartphones and laptops, never knowing a time before internet. Naming a generation after technological advancement shows how important technology is to us. We use technology to communicate, learn, and upload photos of our frappuccinos to Instagram. Our growing reliance on technology has become a fascination to many and a fear to some. Will it distract us from what is happening around us? Will it make us more informed, or filter out important information? Will it open world of new
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Our society has become reliant on technology to provide us with information. We get hard news from news stations on TV and from articles published online about the presidential race and unrest in the Middle East. Then we get soft news off the internet about who was the best dressed at the Oscars and what new fat burning pill will have us slim in no time. Then we get information that is not news at all from Buzzfeed and blog posts about diy Halloween decorations and ten strange animals you didn 't know existed. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, we have constant access to a vast supply of information. This constant access to a vast amount information is distracting for the obvious reason that it makes us want to browse Reddit when we should be working, or check how many likes our Starbucks frappuccino picture got, but it can be more sinister. It distracts us from what is happening in the world around us. In 1984 by George Orwell, the main character Winston works for the Ministry of Truth, a government agency that specializes in lying to the populace. It is Winston’s job to rewrite histories so that the government of Oceania, the superstate he lives in, is always seen as omniscient, strong, and as making life better for its inhabitants. He notices that although the rations of chocolate have significantly decreased, the telescreen announces that the rations have increased. The idea that they have …show more content…
Amber alerts to cell phones increase vigilance to help find kidnapped children. The news and reputable websites that publish reliable information can keep people informed about what is going on in the world. Even websites like Youtube can help people to stay informed like when people upload footage of political turmoil in their corner of the world. The benefits of technology are great and numerous; it can keep people connected and aware the latest news and the issues around them. Even so, people can become too reliant on technology. The article “The Declining Value of U.S. Newspapers” says that “Over the past two decades, major newspapers across the country have seen a recurring cycle of ownership changes and steep declines in value” (Matsa and Mitchell). This decline is because growing numbers of people are using the internet for news instead of newspapers. The decline in the newspaper industry shows how reliant we have become on the technology. When people rely solely on technology to keep them informed- even if they are looking at hard news from reputable sources -they are going to miss pieces of the picture. The media chooses what stories and issues it publicises, telling readers and listeners what the writers think is important. In addition, the computer itself acts as another filter. It provides information based off of past search history. Searching Egypt on one person’s computer might bring up

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