Mobile Apps For A Mobile Website Essay

1190 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
The primary benefit of a mobile website is that it makes a regular website more accessible for mobile user; the mobile website may have all the same elements such as images, content, information and description as a regular website offers but in a mobile friendly layout. Mobile websites improves the readability and functionality when viewed on a smartphone. Mobile applications are also an extremely powerful tool for deepening business to customer relationship and engagement. Mobile apps are software programs that must be installed or downloaded on a smartphones or tablets in order to be utilized. They can be purchased from application marketplace such as the App Store for the IPhones or through Google Play for Androids. Apps can be used to educate consumers, entertain consumers through various games, and engage in selling products to users. However, not all apps have to be purchased; some applications are distributed through the app store for free. You would think, “How are developers making money on a free app?” Developers can generate money in a number of different ways. The most common way is to sell advertising space within the application. Many developers use this method to earn money to distribute the app for free in order to reach as many users as possible; a free app is more attractable than an app you have to pay money for. Other app developers offer a basic version for free. For example, a game developer would allow users the first 50 levels free and any…

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