Mkt Research Essay

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Assessment activity 1
1.1 In conducting research on behalf of your organization or for a client organization, what factors could influence the choice of sources used?
The intention of the research and also the types of products and services.
1.2 Why can data and information cross-checks and cross-references be necessary when doing research?
It is important not to rely on a single piece of information if you can avoid it, so also look for corroborating evidence unless the source is absolutely unimpeachable. Use reliable sources or cross-check and find supporting data wherever possible.
Knowing how data was obtained is central to knowing its value. If the information comes from a survey look to find the sample source and size.
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Determine who purchases what from where. | Mystery shopping observation | Actual experience of the service | Is needed from a trained observer | Product testing | New product evaluation | Opinions for improvement | Informal discussion and feedback forms. | Gives you a simple and quickly answers. | Efficiently way and cheap processes which gives you answers in a short time. |

Assessment activity 7
Why is it essential that market research plans demonstrate that they will collect information that will enable clear identification of customer needs, wants and expectations?
It can be used to identify problems, strengths, potential markets, needs for change or to forecast sales of new or improved products/services. Customer focus is essential for success in the highly competitive markets of today. It should demonstrate to the organization exactly what is their customers or potencial customers require of them.

Assessment activity 8 & 9
Explain how you might identify respondents for a product/ service survey.
You can identify thru some surveys, segments and samples, questionnaires, focus groups and research such as: Geographic segmentation; Demographic segmentation; Psychographic segmentation; Beliefs and values; Lifestyle segmentation; stage of life;

Which of the following are relevant in identifying and selecting respondents for marketing research Respondent Characteristic | On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is important and 5 is

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