Essay on Misuse Of Policemen And Women 's Power

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Misuse of Policemen & Women’s Power
If you 've ever heard the saying “To protect and serve”, you might be surprised to hear that some of the time, there’s not much protection happening at all. Police brutality is the extra use of force that isn 't necessary, in order to accomplish a lawful police purpose. Whether it 's arresting someone for speeding, or theft, there are police men and women who abuse their power and take things to another level. There are many good policemen and women out there, but the corrupt ones are ignored and never really done anything about. My only question is why is it still happening? The scary part is that weapons and the police force are only improving and evolving as we speak. They are growing bigger and stronger against us civilians. How much more brutality will America be able to handle? At some point it might not be feasible for us to do anything about it. We need to take action against corrupt police officers because they get away with crime, they target the wrong people, and they negatively affect society.
It seems to be that no matter what crimes these corrupt police officers commit, they are rarely held accountable or get in trouble for what they do. Many times, people extol these brutal officers, for their crimes because it was considered “ doing what they had to do” or “saving lives”. The definition to save is to keep others safe or rescue (something or someone) from harm/danger. So when a police officer smashes a 13 year old in the…

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