Burma Road Riot Research Paper

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Looking back, there was the Boston Tea Party, the mid-nineteenth century had the Astor Place Riot that became so violent the authorities thought they might have lost control of the city. Cincinnati exploded in March 1884 when a mob set out to lynch a convicted murderer who had been sentenced to twenty years of prison rather than execution. More recently, in 1992 a riot occurred after four white police officers were acquitted assault charges after beating Rodney King a black man after a high speed chase and let’s not forget the riots that have happened this year in Baltimore. It’s safe to say Rioting is a constant in our history. Although it may bring attention to a situation, rioting doesn’t fix the problem and often has harsh lasting effects. In December, 1773 hundreds of men boarded a ship dressed as American Indians intent on doing one thing, getting revenge. It was at this time that the men dressed as American Indians were planning a revolt that lead to a revolution. As these men boarded the ship, they seized and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the sea, worth about 1.7 million dollars today. 1840, in New York City a brutal spat between two actors turned into a riot. The end result, 22 dead. Many more were injured. March, 1991 When Rodney King was apprehended, he was beaten brutally by the police, making matters much worse. The news of Rodney …show more content…
It affects the businesses that get looted and vandalized, families of the victims who are injured or killed from angry rioters. It even effects our very own town and country governments. The government/city are the ones responsible for fixing the damages occurred in the city, and in the case of our most recent riots, it’s affecting the people across the nation. In Ferguson, MO. the uprisings cost taxpayers upwards of 5.7 million dollars. How can we allow riots to still

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