Essay about Mission Statement And Mission Statements

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Vision statements and mission statements are management tools used to set strategic guidelines for an organisation. Strategic Direction “forms the basis on which an organisation will devise its plan.” There are three tools which are used in planning namely a vision statement, a mission statement and the strategic intent. These statements must be clear and relevant and must be communicated in the most effective manner so that employees and shareholders will believe in it (University of South Africa, 2016:217).

A vision statement is better known as a company’s road map providing information of the company’s goals and how it is going to achieve them (Wikipedia). In the Business Dictionary states that a vision statement must be clear and give employees guidelines as to what the goals of the company are and how the company aims to achieve these. Employees must buy into the concept and must believe and feel proud of the company’s vision in order for them to live out the goals of the company.

Carpenter and Sanders (2007:39) stated that a vision statement is an understanding of what the company’s future will be while Pearce and Robinson (2009:37) refers to it as the company’s goals and how it uses its resources and energy to achieve the desired results.

Vision statement of SodaStream:

“Embrace a healthier lifestyle, made possible by each of us enjoying simple, fun, delicious sparkling water.”

There are various characteristics associated with an effectively worded vision…

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