What Is The Purpose Of Luke 23

When we talk about the Great Commission, it is mostly about the Matthew 28 passage. However, the Luke 24 passage also give us insights about how to prepare the evangelists and missionaries. From a universal perspective, Luke is also on target about mission. If we look at the unity between the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, we should arrive at the conclusion that Luke 24 is the preparation of Acts 1-28 and Acts 29. Of course, the result of Luke-Acts is Revelation. Therefore, to accomplish Acts 29 and unveil Revelation, we should learn from the mission preparation principles in Luke 24.
First, the missionaries must know resurrected Jesus personally. Usually we perceive Luke 24:36-44 as the resurrection story. Indeed, this event was about
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As we have discussed, it would be impossible for the disciples to understand the Old Testament from a Messianic perspective. Therefore, Jesus explained His suffering, crucifixion and resurrection prophesized in the Old Testament. Not only he explained, He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. The Scriptures are not only about the laws and the histories. It is mainly about Jesus and His salvation being prophesized. In a sense, Fitzmyer is right saying “It is impossible to find any of these elements precisely in the OT, either that the Messiah shall suffer, or that he is to rise, or that it will happen on the third day.”(Fitzmyer 1981, 2:1581) Yet Bock is right on target “Luke’s point is that Jesus is showing how the whole of OT teaching fits together as promise and how it was always intended to be seen in this way.” (Bock 1994, 1074/2638) When know the resurrected Jesus and the prophesies about Him, we can boldly proclaim Jesus and His …show more content…
After Jesus’ commission, the disciples already knew Jesus and the Bible. They are also witnesses. Yet, they are still not ready. In the Old Testament, God the Father promised the coming of the Spirit in Joel. Now Jesus asks the disciples to wait for the incoming of the Holy Spirit. Many mighty people were empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the specific tasks. Yet the Spirit was taken away when are disobedient or the task was done. Now, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is a new concept. It became a mark for the witnesses of Jesus Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit will be always with them, until their summoning to heaven. Their proclamation is not about their own skills or abilities, but the transforming power of the Holy

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