The New Testament Studies By Irving L. Jensen Essay

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NTS 501 New Testament Studies Week Five Assignment Paper
The New Testament Studies by Irving L. Jensen gives insight to “The Birth of the Christian Church.” (Chapter 9) I attend to give confirmation just how the “church” birthing is for all mankind and not exclusively indicated for the Jews. The book of Act was authored by Luke. Luke’s, trade or occupation was that of a physician. The book of Acts is a sequel to the three gospel’s, Matthew, Mark, and John. Acts within its text captures the “action” of the gospel’s ministry. I am fond of the book of “Acts” or “Acts of the Apostles” because it gives comprehensive accounts of their activities, and accomplishments. I agree with Jensen when he stated that “Acts was designed by God to complete the story of the gospels, by authenticating the resurrection of Christ at work. (Jensen 201)
The work of Christ displayed the transforming of men’s hearts and converting them to be testimonials’ through the ministry gift of the Holy Spirit. Luke, while writing Acts, selected specific occasions that would magnify the works of Christ, as well as his colleagues. I was encouraged by the technique Luke illustrated. The sequence of events that defined the purpose of Acts. I believe that such comprehensive accounts of these works would help those who have doubts about the miracles, signs, and wonders of the bible, could now research them with simplicity. Luke, seems to have a unique tenacity for writing the book of Acts. The…

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