Jesus Resurrection Research Paper

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Jesus' resurrection did not happened:
Like the Pharisees, Jesus and Paul believe in the resurrection of the dead, while the Sadducees did not. Many times, Jesus told his disciples that he would rise again after three days, and as promised, he appeared in front of them, but in Mat (28.17), "They saw him and worshiped, and yet some doubted". In Marc (16.11), Mary Magdalene, the first witness, told them that Jesus was alive: "but they did not believe." Luke (24.37 to 41) says: “they felt fear, they saw a spirit ... yet they believed not and remained astonished". So, despite the prophecies, despite his appearances after his death, despite signs on his hands and feet, and despite their faith, his own disciples did not believe in his resurrection and required tangible evidence.
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The unbelieving crowd mocks Paul preaching in Athens, Acts (17.32) says: "when they heard of a resurrection of the dead, some mocked him, saying, we will hear you again". Paul says in I Cor. (15.16): "For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has not been raised". Has anyone seen a dead rise? For the Catechism, "The resurrection of Jesus is a highest truth of our faith ... established by the documents of the New Testament ...”. This resurrection of Jesus achieved four objectives: To deify Jesus whose body does not decay like other human bodies. To continue the story because without this resurrection, his epic ends miserably. To convert the pagans by promising them life after death. To transform Paul to an apostle, even if he never met Jesus during his lifetime. Without this resurrection, Paul would have remained a second-class disciple, arriving too late, and

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