The Importance Of Jesus In The Book Of Acts

Our Salvation is an inseparable link to faith in Jesus Christ. That is why it is so important to determine biblically who Jesus Christ is. Is Jesus God in the flesh? Or was he just a man? The Book of Acts contributes many things to help support the deity of Christ, such as he is worshiped, He bears the names and titles of deity, He has the same life giving power that God has, and he shed his own blood. Jesus Christ bears the name and titles of deity in the book of Acts in by showing that God made Jesus Lord and Christ. Lord translated in Greek is Kurio which is used mostly as the equivalent of Yahweh of the Old Testament. In Acts it is used of Jesus Christ meaning God or Deity. By using the word Lord and connecting it to the …show more content…
In the Book of Act it is made clear by Peter that worshiping a man is prohibited. Peter tells Cornelius when he falls at his feet to stand up he is only a man. God smites Herod for not giving Him the glory. If Jesus was just a man sent by God and not God, he would have corrected the ones who gave him worship. It was made clear by Jesus at the beginning of His ministry who should receive worship and it was only God. Peter’s statement about worshiping only a man combined with other scriptures contributes to our understanding of the deity of Christ. Lastly throughout the book of Acts there are witnesses of the deity of Christ Jesus. The Apostle Peter along with Philip believed that Jesus ' resurrection was in fulfillment of Messianic prophecy; The Apostle Peter refers to Jesus as the Holy and Righteous One and as the Prince of Life. Another witness in the book of Acts is the Apostle Paul he preached Jesus as the Son of God, as well as proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus as validation of His divinity. Each one of these witness in the book of Acts contributes to the deity of Jesus

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