Miranda's Article: The Misrepresentation Of Chinese Culture

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Jialiang Tian
Professor: Perez
27 November,2017
The Misrepresentation Of Chinese Culture
After learning about the misrepresentation of Native Americans in Miranda’s article, I felt that there’re also some misrepresentations of my own culture groups. Nowadays, some Chinese culture misrepresented by people in other countries. In the essay, I will talk about three kinds of misrepresentation of Chinese culture. Due to the movie montage and some exaggerated shooting techniques, some foreigners have a deep misunderstanding of Chinese Kung-Fu (like Kung-Fu dodge and the internal strength).
However, the essence of Chinese martial arts is to move as much in order to keep fit and keep calm. People who practice the martial arts, naturally have
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I believe that Kung Fu is a generation after generation of secrets, only in a small, doomed people, like the magic of Western culture.In fact, martial arts is a sport that anyone can learn at school.However, after listening to Master Pei, I learnt something new about martial arts. The martial arts not only taught us how to fight, but also brought us some important personal values, such as love, justice, loyalty, courage, honesty and the ignorance of …show more content…
(Dennis, The Origin Of Chinoiserie)
In fact, since foreigners know the eastern empire, it did not stop their pursuit of the Chinese style. The English word "Chinoiserie" derives from the French word "Chinois", which is based on the traditional Chinese culture, also contains the art or life style of Chinese culture. The word was born in the seventeenth Century. Chinese put a lot of porcelain, silk, tea and so on to Europe. “Those people in Europe are tired of eating bread, drinking wine. The European aristocracy have not seen these fresh stuff, to be regarded as treasures to buy consumer goods. So, naturally cannot meet European the demand.” (Dennis 13)
At the same time, influenced by the Chinese style, Europeans began to learn to create their own appearance. Although foreigners have the confidence that they have not eaten pork and seen pig running, the created things inevitably mix the imaginary elements.
For example, a series of tapestries of the emperor Chinese, the emperor, the Qing Dynasty style, these concepts from China undoubtedly, but western car top, over the tropical plants. Some of these apparently a powerful and unconstrained style and the attitude is very serious, even on the flag dragon is a Western dragon.

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