Miracle In Cell No. 7 Analysis

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SUBJECT: Analysis of the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7
The Story
Lee yong-gu, a mentally handicapped father who has a daughter that he loves very much always looks at the yellow sailor moon bag at a store, which the child Ye-sung wanted so much that they even imitate sailor moon’s sound track. When a family at the store then bought the sailor moon bag to their daughter, Lee yong-gu lost the chance of getting her child the sailor moon bag. Lee yong-gu now has the money to buy the bag because he just earned from his work, he saw the girl from the store the other day and saw carrying the sailor moon bag and the girl told him
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Ye-sung, the daughter who became a lawyer so he could defend his father’s case of murder. So yang-ho, Choi Choon-Ho, Shin Bong Sik, Man-Bum, Old man Seo where the other prisoners who was with Lee yong-gu to help him. Jang Min Hwan was the one who took care of Lee yong-gu’s daughter also he helped him. The antagonist in the story is the chief of the National Police agency, he is not named but he gave the death …show more content…
Lee yong-gu who is mentally handicapped promised her daughter to buy that one for her when he got his salary. However, a family came in to the store and bought the sailor moon bag, so Lee yong-gu protested that they could not have the bag because it was for Ye sung. He did not know that the father of the family is the chief of the national police regency so when Lee yong-gu tries to get it forcefully, the chief then hit him so he would stop and so he did. The night after that happened Lee yong-gu still promised Ye sung that he will get one sailor moon bag for her, but Ye sung told him that he didn’t have to. The next day, Lee yong-gu goes to work so he earned his salary and he is happy because that money will be for Ye sung’s sailor moon bag. The girl from the store yesterday came to him and he saw the sailor moon bag that she is wearing. The girl told him that she knows other store who have that bag so he followed her until they went through the market, the girl was found lying down and Lee yong-gu doing CPR to help the girl, didn’t make any help because someone saw him doing it and called the police. He is then accused of kidnap and murder, so when the night comes, Ye sung is waiting for her father to come and pick her up but he did not came. He is in the police custody now and he ask if he could use the phone because she has a daughter who is waiting for him and that her

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