Minnie's Case Study

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Minnie presented for the evaluation session wearing age appropriate, casual clothing. Minnie’s grooming appeared adequate. She was assessed during four sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. She used her right hand during the examination. Minnie did not appear to have any visual or auditory difficulties. Although a positive behavior incentive system was used during testing, Minnie was observed to have a great deal of difficulty. During administration of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V), Minnie appeared to engage in avoidant behavior which included: excessive talking, crying, walking around the testing center, opening and closing blinds, hiding under the desk, spinning her chair, and frequently asking to use the bathroom. When presented with a …show more content…
In between each subtest, Minnie required a minimum 10-minute break. When asked to reengage in the assessment, she would engage in off-task behavior. Although it is typical to complete the entire test in approximately one hour, Minnie required 3.5 hours to complete the assessment due to her behaviors (e.g., repeated crying, excessive motor activity and talking). Given the number of behavioral issues, the results of the WISC-V are considered to be a low estimate of her actual ability. During administration of the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3). Minnie again demonstrated a pattern of inattentive and impulsive behavior. During administration of subtests that required her to write letters and sentences, she refused to continue until given a break. She frequently said “I don’t know” and asked for her mother. On numerous occasions, she demanded the examiner tell her how many items were left or she would quit. Because it is not possible for the examiner to provide this information, that become a source of frustration for Minnie. These observations were consistent with those that her mother describes she displays at home when asked to engage in an undesirable

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