Fixed And Growth Mindset Analysis

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Fixed and Growth Mindsets as They Relate to Leadership

This paper will discuss concepts from Mindset, the psychology of success by Carol Dweck as it relates to nursing practice. In addition to Mindset, I will take into account the works of Julia Haager and Shaunna Smith addressing how they have a pivotal role in both nursing and my own personal practice. I will conclude the paper disclosing how reading the book and understanding its core concepts have aided in my own personal growth and change in thoughts.
Definitions, Background, and Major Concepts
Carol Dweck (2006) has cultivated an idea that two, very differentiated mindsets exist among each and every authentic and individual man, woman, and child around the world. Dweck suggests,
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Smith (2016), utilizing this same framework of success, suggests that welcoming failure opens an opposing door of success and creativity. Sharing the thoughts of Smith and applying it to the concepts of Dweck, I can see how the growth mindset flourishes in the work environment. Identifying the individuals who harness this quality are the people I want to surround myself with: possessing the ability to fail respectfully in a situation, and grow to learn from mistakes are those of which I can learn from and reciprocally teach to. Bedside nurses can determine the patients mindset to figure out appropriate ways to motivate them; whether that be through setting easily attainable goals (fixed mindset), or challenging them (growth mindset). A manager or charge nurse is able to identify his or her nursing staffs mindset category and relate and communicate with them more efficiently and effectively. Ultimately I strive to become a neonatal nurse practitioner; much of my responsibility will be to direct the care of a patient, and using my colleagues’ mindset types will help me communicate better with them and overall, achieve greater care for the patient. Having this knowledge is very important when holding a leadership position because you are …show more content…
I can see both fixed and growth mindsets scattered throughout the student nursing population at school, in my friends, and in various nurses I have worked with. I have gained the ability to see beyond a persons behavior and tendencies to view a particular mindset that guides their actions, goals, and practice of nursing. I am interested and excited to see how this affects my nursing practice and interaction with others in the future. I have also seen a transformation in the way I process things and view my own personal goals and thoughts. I am able to separate myself from where I see myself in the future and devise a plan based off of my mindset and the best way to achieve success. Dweck has revolutionized an idea that has the capability to change the way each and every person interacts with one another, and I am very excited to see how that shapes my communication with others and how I choose to let that impact my

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