Millennials Are The Laziest Generation Essay

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Millennials are the laziest generation. This statement is a commonly used stereotype that gets thrown around by those whom were born prior to the Millennial generation. When did Millennials become known as the laziest generation? In this paper I will investigate the stereotype that Millennials are the laziest generation, by specifically examining the origin of this stereotype, the impact it has on identity, perceptions of others, social relations, and social institutions; as well as testimonies from Millennials.
It is critical, in understanding this paper, to identify what classifies an individual as a millennial. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation, any individual born between the years of 1980 and 1999 is to be considered a millennial (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, The Millennial Generation Research Review). Many individuals don’t self identify as Millennials, most likely due to the negative connotation that goes along with this generation. The majority of people outside of the millennial generation view Millennials as lazy, self-obsessed, and entitled. This concept of the lazy millennial is portrayed in popular culture, through television shows, movies, and news outlets. It is common to hear an older individual tell Millennials they are lucky to be surrounded by modern technology, supportive families, and many opportunities. This leads the same older individual telling a millennial how life was so different for them “back in the day,”…

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