Millennial Case Study

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Consumer Mentality amongst Millennials

If anyone wishes to see what is important to the “everyman” American, a trip to Times Square will suffice. Big lights and fancy logos dominate the walls of all the buildings surrounding this square - each one hoping to bait another consumer. Americans today are spending more than ever before, and the group that is carrying the weight of this growth in spending is known as Generation Y, or more commonly known as the millennial. A millennial is anyone who was born between the years 1980 and 1999. This generation is unique in their upbringing due to the fact that they came of age in the digital era, and as a result of growing up in the world of social
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This has given rise to the “personal spiritual experience,” which is a sugar coated way of describing radical religious individualism. Furthermore, this emphasis on individual experience has little to no focus on doctrine, but is rather rooted in gimmicks, fads, and social trends. It should come across as no surprise then that the majority of the millennial generation could be considered biblically illiterate. Even in the case that millennials do not seek religion on a personal level, their view of the Church is skewed from its true purpose. Many people outside and inside the church see the primary purpose of Christianity as being a “good person.” Concepts such as grace and justification have little impact on the theology of a millennial primarily because the majority of spiritual conversations and debates are on the basis of emotions and …show more content…
Generation Y is one that sees through a market lens, and if they are sold on an idea, they bring an energy that can make things dreams become reality. From an educational standpoint, millennials have the ability to accomplish great things, if they understand why they are doing what they are doing. From the organized Church standpoint, millennials have a tendency to cling to individualism; nevertheless, they long for relationships that appreciate the individual in the midst of a crowd. It is important to note that this is not entirely unbiblical if presented correctly. From the perspectives of community, millennials are hungry for meaningful relationships. Though they may take longer to develop, authentic and purpose driven relationships have the potential to serve as an anchor to this

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