Trendy Christianity: The Rise Of Millennials

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This shift away from the gospel began as an attempt to ‘keep up with the times’ and draw millennials into the church. For years, Christians have struggled to reach the younger generations with the gospel, but millennials have proven to be an exceedingly difficult people group to reach even though they make up a large portion of the world's population. In fact, Kara Powell tells us in her article, Put Away the Skinny Jeans, that “young adults ages 18–29 make up 22 percent of the adult US population, (yet) they represent less than 10 percent of US churchgoers.” Due to this deficiency in attendance within the millennial generation, Christians have turned to what we think will make them happy, entertained, and keep them involved with a local church, which inadvertently makes church more focused on ourselves. …show more content…
In the interview that I conducted with Pastor Anthony Saul, he said, “Trendy Christianity is a problem that arose with millennials, though, it’s not millennials fault. It’s what my generation has done to reach millennials. We so often feel like the only way to get the attention of people younger than us is to make church like the places they want to hang out at.” Yet, as Pastor Andy would go on to say, this has done nothing for the millennials except drive them further away from the gospel. Simply put, we have made church into what we desire it to be and have turned away from what God originally intended for the church. This has damaged both our testimonies to the world and our relationship with Christ and fellow believers. Jessica Coleman said in her article, I’m Tired of Trendy Christianity, “I'm so tired of people who do not know Christ thinking that they have to have a certain look or personality about them and it hinders them from running into the loving arms of

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