Military Narrative

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I started my day early in basketball shorts, tennis shoes, and a white t-shirt. The air was hot and humid for February but I was not bothered by it much. My grandmother and my uncle, 1 who was an instructor for the d program I was about to join, took me to a fire station where drill was to be held at. When we arrived, introductions were brief, before the CO called for a formation, so I tried falling in with the rest of the guys there. After a I quick headcount of about 35 guys of q various ages, everyone rushed over to start morning PT (physical training). Once we finished getting hot and nasty, lunch – midday chow as they called it – was served to us and everyone was joking and laughing about the small challenges we did during PT. This was the start of my first drill in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. The very first mandatory drill I attended, I was completely nervous. I arrived at around 20:00 at an old Baptist camp that they let the cadets use. The original name of the camp is unknown to me but the cadets called it “Camp Spehar.” An off-hand evening chow of MREs was served. The one I happened to unfortunately choose was a breakfast …show more content…
Naval Sea Cadet Core have been the best ever, and definitely made a huge impact on my life. I honestly do not know where I would be at today if I had never joined. This program has taught me things and given me new experiences that I never would have obtained without it. In this program, I have made friends, experienced military life and responsibilities, met amazing people with truly inspiring stories to tell, aided my community, helped my state, and gained valuable knowledge of responsibility. I would highly recommend this to anyone with aspirations to join the military, or someone who wants the life experience.

All in all, the USNSCC has made a remarkably huge impact on my life. It has changed my life for the better and helped me experience the world in new and incredible

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