Midterm Review Essay

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The Federal Circuit Court of Appeal has appellate jurisdiction over the U.S. Claims Court.


Which of the following terms best describes the decision reached by an arbitrator? Award
The dispute resolution method that is most likely to be used by a regulatory agency to negotiate the provisions of the regulations with the interested groups so that there is less likelihood of a challenge once the regulations are promulgated is: regulatory negotiation

With reference to the federal government, which of the following is definitely true regarding a system of checks and balances?

Only one of the branches is given all the authority.

All the branches of the government are given equal authority.

All the branches of the government operate
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With reference to assignment, the party who assigns their right is a(n) _____.





Palming off is also known as injurious falsehood. False
_____ involves a seller selling products as one brand, when it is actually another, generally inferior, brand.


Palming off


Theft of trade secrets

Which of the following types of contracts only buys the offeree time to accept or reject the offer and does not mean the offeree must accept?

Unenforceable contract

Option contract

Void contract

Express contract

Which of the following best represents a voluntary promise between two or more parties for which the law will provide a remedy for nonperformance?





Not all threats are assaults. True
A tortfeasor can be held liable for an intentional tort only if it results in an injury. False
Torts are:

quasi contracts.

violations of law that are civil in nature.

optional contracts.

violations of law that are criminal in nature.

In the case of _____, the tortfeasor widely disseminates information about someone which, though true, is highly private and need not be publicized.

appropriation of name or likeness

false light

intrusion upon seclusion

publication of private facts

According to which of the following

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