Heros Journey Analysis

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The movie I have chosen is the Disney Pixar film ‘Cars’ directed by John Lasseter. The class film that we have been assigned is the Disney film ‘UP’ directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. The hero’s journey is displayed in both of these films by following the stages which include the Status Quo, Call To Adventure, Assistance, Departure, Trials, Approach, Crisis, Treasure, Result, Return, New Life and Resolution . These stages are demonstrated by these chosen techniques including sound effects, music and camera angles.

The Hero’s journey starts off with the Status Quo and it always introduces the Protagonist in their ordinary world. Carl Fredricksen is the main character in the movie ‘UP’. Carl in his ordinary world is dull, and deserted after the tragic death of of his wife and best friend Ellie. The writers and directors of ‘UP’ wanted to show Carl’s emotions and feelings for an adventure by using different sound effects and music. The soft,
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The Departure is when the hero or protagonist takes off from their ordinary world and is introduce to a special world where adventure begins. In ‘UP’ the Departure is when Carl is faced with an option of going to Shady oaks but doesn’t want to leave so he decides to outfit his house with millions of helium balloons and fly to Paradise Falls in his house. The director and writer shows how excited and joyful Carl feels when flying off to paradise falls by using color or also known as hue. The scene were Carl unravelled the balloons was so colorful. All of the variations of color gave a happy aesthetic to the scene and shows bliss and joy in Carl for living up to his dream that he shared with Ellie. This is cleverly showing that Carl is leaving his boring, sad and ordinary life and recreate it into a happy and joyful life in Paradise Falls. So for that reason the color and hues displayed Carl’s happiness in leaving his boring life and create a new

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