Midterm Reflection

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Starting fall semester of my junior year in Modern III, I knew that I would be challenged in several ways including: pushing my limits further, taking huge risks for myself, and learning choreography at a faster pace. So far in modern this semester, I feel that I have succeeded in these certain areas. I have experienced news things with my body by finding new places that my body could reach as well as surprising myself with things my body hasn’t ever experienced before. At the end of August, I set a few goals for myself that included: taking more risks, reaching to my fullest kinesphere and really performing the phrase, and focusing on getting my pelvis underneath me when getting in and out of the floor. When setting these goals for myself, …show more content…
The movement quality that was shown in this particular phrase was free flowing because the focus was more indirect. During this phrase, I focused on my own timing and how I could change it up for it to show who I am. While performing this phrase during out midterm, the feedback that I received from classmates was that I had good use of sternum, my movements were soft and smooth, and that my focus really drew people in to my performance. Watching myself perform this phrase, I noticed that I changed some of the choreography up to make it my own version. However, I did not have intentions of doing that, it’s just what felt right on my body at the time. During the first few movements of the phrase, I closed my eyes and felt my weight in my whole foot and allowed my body to just flow from right to left as I initiated from my ribs. The focus during my performance is what allowed me to flow through the movement smoothly and allowed me to tell my own story. When thinking about my goals during this phrase, I believe that I could have brought my pelvis more underneath me when getting off the floor into the side battement. However, my pelvis alignment during the développé was underneath and my hip was down as I have been working on this at the barre during ballet technique. If I could go back and work this phrase a little more, then I would work on changing my timing up and working on my pelvis alignment in some of the different

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