Midterm Cheat Sheet Essays

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Midterm Cheat Sheet (EDG 701)

|Period of |Freud Psychosexual |Erickson |
|Life | |Psychosocial (role |
| | |of ego/social influ)|
|First Year|Oral Stage—oral |Infancy: Trust vs. |
| |fixations/gratificat|Mistrust—basic needs|
| |ion—mistrust of |met=trust; not |
| |others, rejection, |met=mistrust |
| |love/fear of | |
| |intimate | |
| |relationships | |
|Ages 1-3 |Anal |Early Childhood: |
| |Stage—independence, |Autonomy vs |
| |personal power,
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, & world, reality principle, checks & controls id)…superego (judicial branch; moral code, presents ideal/perfection, good or bad, right or wrong)—anxiety conflict between the 3…reality anxiety=fear of danger from world; neurotic anxiety=fear of doing something that is punishable; moral anxiety=fear of one’s own conscience Defenses: repression--involuntary removal of something from consciousness that later do influence behavior; denial--distorting what the individual thinks, feels, or perceives in a traumatic situation; reaction formation--actively expressing the opposite impulse when confronted with the for any impulse; projection--attribute in two others one's own unacceptable desires and impulses; displacement directing energy toward another object or person when the original article person is inaccessible; rationalization--justifies specific behaviors and it aims to soft in the blow connected with disappointments; sublimation--diverging sexual or aggression energy into other channels; regression --going back to an earlier phase of development when there were fewer demands; introjection--taking in and swallowing without using standards of some others; identification--identifying the successful causes, organizations, or people in the hope that you will be perceived as worthwhile; compensation--masking perceived weaknesses or developing certain positive traits to make up for limitations(goal=…cure clients, strengthen ego so behavior more reality based & make unconscious

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