Michelle Obama 's Healthy Lunch Program For The Public School System

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In recent years, there has been a trend toward having a healthier lifestyle. For instance, Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program for the public school system has changed the way our kids eat for the good. Having the school setting reinforced healthy eating is such great way to keep our kids eating healthy on a day to day basis and keeping them from becoming obese. This in turns also fights childhood obesity and obesity later in adulthood (Childhood Obesity Facts, 2015). It’s a small start, but it has great benefits for the future. In an Everett public school you are provided with a variety of healthy options when dining. They also have a free lunch program for children whose families cannot afford it. This helps the community because it provides children with a healthy meal each school day twice a day. For some children this meal might be the only meals they receive so this in turn prolongs their life and overall health.
Energize Everett is program in Everett and it works locally to increase opportunities for Everett residents to eat healthy and be active in the places they live, learn, work, and play. The program 's aim is to make the healthy choice the easy choice by improving access to nutritious food and physical activity in Everett, Massachusetts. It mainly works alongside the farmers market to provide affordable food to the community. The Everett recreational center also enriches the lives of the residents of Everett by providing inviting recreation facilities free…

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