Michael Jordan The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time Essay

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Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time. In this biography I will explain why he is looked at as the king of basketball. I will mention his championships as a collegian and NBA player, second of all his MVP trophies from the all-star games, and last but not least the great records that he has set. The reason I choose Michael "Air"Jordan is because he is successful in the game that I love to play so much. He has been in the places and situations that I dream of being in. The first of many championships begun in college. The collage of the North Carolina Tar Heels. , Michael 's Tar Heels competed against Patrick Ewing 's Georgetown Hoyas for the number one ranking all year. It finally boiled down to the championship game in which both teams were back and forth for the lead. One would get the lead then the other would score and get the lead. Both teams were full of future all-stars even hall-of-famers including Michael.The game came down to seconds, and one basket Who did that basketball go to? Ewing, Worthy maybe Sam Perkins? Non of them, it was Michael "Air" Jordan. That kicked off his championship spree as he went on to collect five more with NBA 's Chicago Bulls. To add to all the championships and people who say he 's the best basketball player ever, Jordan has added many MVP trophies to his repertoire. He has won more MVP trophies than Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or even Isaiah Thomas and that is to name a few. Some say the voters are biased to him…

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