Michael Bird 's God And A Bird ' S Eye View Of Paul Essay

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Michael Bird the author, has a background in theological studies added to him being an Anglican priest. Among his academic interest is a focus on Pauline Chronology and Theology which gives him a more or less avid grasp of the input and contribution of Paul into Christianity and Theology.1 Paul being one of the most researched and documented apostles is as a result of his contribution to Christianity being noteworthy and him being an interesting to influence Christianity. Michael Bird has written before about understanding the different perspectives of Paul in some earlier works; The Saving Righteousness of God and A Bird’s-Eye View of Paul in 2007 and 2008 respectively. 1So he is not a stranger to Paul’s contribution and his works but rather this new book is a continuation of his research and interest in Paul and trying to understand the influence of Paula and his perspectives.
Summary of Contents
The book is a compilation by Michael Bird of four different and distinct views of Paul by four different scholars who have studied and researched the Pauline works and teachings- Schreiner, Johnson, Campbell and Nanos- in a bid to offer an understanding of Paul from four different angles- a reformist view, a Catholic take on St. Paul, A Jewish angle on how Paul is perceived and new-perspective of St. Paul that is newly emergent.1The book is organized in such a way that each of the four essays on perspectives about Paul there are other different writers with replies to the…

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