Mgt 416 Mgt416 Week 1 to Week 5 Discussions and Assignments Complete Course Mgt 416 Mgt 416 Week 1 to Week 5 Discussions and Assignments Complete Course

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MGT 416 MGT416 Week 1 to week 5 Discussions and Assignments Complete Course
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MGT 416 Unit 1 Module 1 Assignment 1 Opening Discussion Introduction to Classmates and This Course
Begin this assignment by introducing yourself to your classmates. Cover the following items in your introductory note: * Provide an autobiographical statement that includes your name, occupation, prior education/degrees, and other information, such as interests and hobbies, which will introduce you to your instructor
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* What do the four functions of management have in common? * How do managers at different levels apply the four functions of management? * How do the four functions of management affect organizational success?
Write your initial response in 200 to 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.
MGT 416 Unit 2 Module 2 Assignment 1 Discussion Managing Capacity
Capacity management in businesses is a function of their operations and environment. In today’s business world, evaluating and managing capacities is becoming significantly more difficult. Therefore, managers need to do a balancing act to reduce costs and effectively utilize available capacities.
Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet, research capacity management.
Then respond to the following: * Which type of operation has a more difficult time managing capacities: an environment supporting standardized products or one supporting customized products? Why? State your reason(s) and provide examples.
After your initial post, discuss the following: * Among other decisions an operations manager makes, the one pertaining to capacities is the most critical. Why is it considered a critical decision? Which area do you think is more challenging as it pertains to capacity planning? Make sure your answer addresses the productivity aspect as well as the uncertainty element. * Briefly describe

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