Mgmt570 Work Conflict Paper

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Course Project
MGMT570 – Managing Conflict in Workplace
September 2012


I. Work Environment A. History of Bayou Sorrel Lock B. What we do and how.
II. Background A. What is the conflict and how did it begin? 1. What parties are involved? a. What are their conflict handling styles? 2. Factors contributing to conflict a. Different cultures b. Communication failure B. What has been done to mitigate the conflict? i.i. What conflict handling modes have been utilized? i.ii. Which mode was most effective/ ineffective?
III. Recommendations
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Background There have been many instances here at where issues have arisen due to actions taken by personnel in a leadership position. Issues ranging from disgruntled employees, ineffective communication, poor customer service procedures and inappropriate workplace etiquette. The employees at the Lock structure are usually disgruntled about having to work 12 hour shifts and the fact that we are sometimes required working overtime, which takes away from quality time spent with family and friends. This in turn leads to them showing blatant disrespect towards the boat captains who navigate their boats and barges through the structure and they display poor time management skills.
The crew here works 12 hour shifts either starting at 0630 or 1830 every day. What I have noticed is that if a boat

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