Mgmt 591 Essay

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Case Study
Week 3

Zhengyu Gui MGMT591
Professor Bodero
July 2014

Group Development When developing teams, a five-stage group-development model called the Tuckman Ladder is referenced most often. The model, first proposed by the educator Bruce Tuckman, is consisted of five distinct stages all teams go through: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Each stage is characterized as the following: * Forming: Characterized by a great deal of uncertainty about the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership. Not until these issues are sorted out members can think of themselves as part of the team and move on to the next stage. * Storming: Characterized by intragroup conflict. Members
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While in the best scenario this team focusing on executive development of the experimental after-school program will be comprised of members represent all stakeholder organizations, things would be much easier and smooth if there is a common understanding of group forming principles and process among the organizations. The stakeholder organizations need to bear in mind the purpose of the team is to help students and improve the problematic education system, and staff members to be selected for the team must also be aware of such purpose and be willing to work together to fulfill it.
Problem Identification For the Woodson Foundation, the primary problem it is facing is the different and opposed interests each organization has. As the case mentioned, the school district wants the new jobs to be unionized and operated in a way consistent with the current school board policies, so the school district can assume control of the operations of the new program. Woodson, on the other hand, emphasizes on efficiency and experimentation, and has a focus on using hard data to measure performance for all initiatives. This pattern is not consistent with the school district culture. While these two organizations could already have a hard time to reconcile each other, the third organization, the NCPIE can complicate the situation even more, as it has an intention to increase parental control. While this group is strongly committed

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