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Week 5: Managing and Motivating Human Resources - Checkpoint

1. (TCO 8) Which of the following is a potential area of concern for managers when they use internal sources to fill a vacant position?
A drop in morale
An increase in turnover
The ripple effect
Complaints from the union
The loss of highly qualified employees

2. (TCO 8) Recruiters need to keep in mind the employment decision goes both ways, and the perspective employee is selecting a job. One of the best tools for getting a good match between the job and the person filling the job is to provide a realistic job description. conduct a realistic job preview. conduct an extensive pre-employment testing program. do extensive work on validating selection
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punishment extinction avoidance retribution denial

8. (TCO 9) Isabelle likes abstract concepts. This trait illustrates the ____ dimension of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. judging intuitive thinking feeling sensing 9. (TCO 9) Tom Evslin knew that using the Internet to make telephone calls was a good idea, but the static you get when you try to talk with a computer and a microphone to someone else with a computer and a microphone is unacceptable. He started a new company to make it possible to use the Internet to make clear telephone calls. He is very excited about his new company's possibility and claims, "I have just barely opened the door for this new technology. We're going to be more successful than AT&T." Which of the following terms best describes Evslin?
An internal locus of control
Positive affectivity
Negative affectivity

10. (TCO 9) Dale wants to work for a company that offers stock options. He used to work for a German company that did not offer its employees stock options. Now Dale has an offer from BASF, a German-owned corporation, but he is not very interested. Dale is using sexism. racism. stereotyping. attribution. selective perception.

11. (TCO 8) Some people get addicted to gambling after the first "rush" they feel from a win. Use expectancy theory to explain the errors in their thinking.

Expectancy theory is based

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