Mexico City Essay

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Mexico City
The short story Mexico City from 1950 was written by Ray Bradbury. The original name for this story was The Window. It was later named Mexico City and Calling Mexico. All three names make sense considering what the story is about.
This short story is about an elderly man, Colonel Freeleigh, who lives at home alone. He has a nurse visit him because he is ill. He never goes out and experiences things. He has not been out for ten years. The only excitement in his life is the phone in his room, which he uses to call an old friend Jorge in Mexico City. Jorge lets Freeleigh listen to the bustling noises of the big city outside by laying the phone by the window. When the nurse realises that Freeleigh calls home, she decides that he
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This is the reason why he does not see the problem in calling Jorge.
From Freeleigh’s point of view, the nurse is kind of mean, especially for taking the phone away from him. It seems as if she is the one taking the decisions in his life. It is for his own best, but as he still sees himself as a strong and independent person, he feels he does not need the help.

The way Ray Bradbury uses symbols in his story makes it more interesting to read. The telephone may symbolise Freeleigh’s interest in the world around him. As he used to be a colonel, he obviously has experienced a lot of things around the world. His failing senses are the reason why he cannot go out anymore. His hearing is not a problem, though, so he takes advantage of the few senses that actually work. The window symbolizes the life of Freeleigh. When it is open, he is experiencing the world; he is reminded of his youth. When it is closed, he is isolated from the rest of the world. When Douglas picks up the phone in the ending and hears the window closing, it is supposed to symbolise the death of the colonel.

It seems as though Freeleigh ended his life intentionally. He wasn't really living when he was isolated and he knew that his phone would be taken away from him the next day. His thoughts on living a short and happy life come across in the ending because listening to the sounds of Mexico City makes him

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