Men Eat Meat, Women Eat Chocolate : How Food Gets Gendered By Riddhi Shah

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When people talk about culture we can always associate with language, arts, and religion. People in different countries have different cultures which result in they have different values and beliefs, but do you know what food that we choose to eat every day is also influenced by culture? In the article “Men Eat Meat, Women Eat Chocolate: How Food Gets Gendered” by Riddhi Shah, she talks about a phenomenon that men and women have different tastes preference in different countries because of people are influenced by different cultures. In the article, Shah mentioned that in America women more prefer sweet food like fruit, yogurt, and chocolate; in contrast men are more like to eat meat, bitter or salty food. Although there are also some vegetarians that are male in the U.S., “but in the American consciousness, real men still don’t eat quiche and women stick with chocolate, tofu and yogurt” (191). This idea about men eats meat and women eats chocolate does not written in the text book and parents never teach their children about that in America either; how do people learned these is from the culture. In America, men are supposed to be strong and women are supposed to be skinny. Therefore eat meat or some high calorie foods can help males to build muscles, meanwhile eat fruit and vegetable can also help females to keep fit. Furthermore, when people walk around the market in America they can easily find out that the food packages in markets are also influenced by the…

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