Memoir : My Final Tour Essay

1318 Words Jan 15th, 2016 null Page
Memoir: My Final Tour Change is the inevitable death of everything familiar. I had seen those words somewhere, but as I walked down the dark sidewalk, I could not remember where. The air was chilling and caused my breath to puff out like steam plumes that disappeared faster than they arrived. I thought the weather was fitting for my emotions and what I was going to do. I had been yearning for a final tour of my childhood home I felt extremely connected to. We were abruptly kicked from our home with little notice from the landlord and I still felt very cheated and disregarded over the situation. So as I walked down the cold and dark neighborhood I knew so well, I stopped in front of my old home. It was time to put this part of my life to rest I used my old neighbors’ shorter chain-link fence to climb over the taller, wooden fence like I had so many times when I had lived there. I landed on my feet and walked towards the greater back yard. The landlord had completely renovated the pool since the time she kicked my family out so abruptly. She had claimed she needed the home for her kids due to a recent divorce, but a large scale home renovation seemed excessive for a temporary home. I believed she was simply going to resell the house for more than we gave. The thoughts of her disregarding my family for personal gain made me furious. I stepped onto the back porch, which was now one of the many things that were given repairs and a fresh coat of paint. I used to have all my…

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