Meltwater Group Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Meltwater have a few of investors. They are investing in due to the progression of Meltwater. Meltwater’s SAAS is best known for its social media monitoring suite, now it owns Besides, the world's best real - time and blog search engine doesn't belong to Google or Twitter but its now belongs to Meltwater Group. The importance of shareholders is they providing fund to the company. In order for them to invest with us, we have to gain a constant profit and good will in the public. Besides, the shareholders also select boards of directors of a company.

Melwater external Publics are the government agencies, media, competitors, consumers, retailers, and publics. Meltwater contributes their effort to the society by doing CSR and other programs. At Meltwater, they established a non-profit training and mentoring program that called The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). It enables talented young Africans to become software entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to teach MEST students the skills required to launch breakthrough global companies and enabling them to create jobs and wealth locally to stimulate the African
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Giving training and classes are not the same as you guide the employee in real working world. Therefore the upper level management should observe the job of their employees every week until they are able to work by their own without mistakes. This method could strengthen the bond between the employees. They will feel glad to share their opinion or dissatisfaction at Meltwater organization. It could improve the company’s productions and if there are any problems the employees will understand the situation and agrees with the company’s decision. Nothing is more important than a good communication in a company. To avoid problems in future, Meltwater have to build and maintain the relationship among the internal and external

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