Melting Icebergs Essay

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Although people have their own opinions about global warming, it is a fact that it is harming the earth’s atmosphere; therefore, steps should be taken to eliminate or greatly reduce the factors that are contributing to global warming. This ad by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is trying to get people to change the way they live their lives in order to stop or prevent global warming. UNEP does a really good job of this with the ad; the viewer sees the ocean in the background with the melting icicles closer to the forefront. UNEP’s endeavor is to assess environmental conditions and to create environmental machinery that will, in effect, be able to take care of our environment. This organization tries to inform people about what …show more content…
When icebergs melt it is causing cities to go under water, in effect, sinking cities skylines. In this ad, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the icicles that have a glistening look to them, letting the viewer know that they are melting. This picture gives the viewer a rather cold feeling, due to the colors but also because of the fact that the ad is focusing on global warming. The ad appeals to both logos and pathos. When the viewer reads the slogan, “Melting icebergs lead to sinking skylines,” he or she may become saddened - if the person cares about city skylines. UNEP’s ad is factual because global warming is an actual issue that is currently going on. However, many things can be done to reverse the effects of global warming.
If people actually care about the world they live in they will change their behaviors and the way they live their lives. This ad should make people want to protect their environment. People should realize that over time, if they do not do anything, it will only get worse and it will affect their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. One way people can help to put an end to or reduce global warming is by reducing the amount of energy that they use. People can buy more energy efficient products. Another way than can help is by planting trees, which will greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the

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