Meg Giry Character Analysis

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Love Never Dies Essay

Meg Giry, Raoul, and Phantom. The characters with the most significant changes, background to top diva queen. Rich to poor. Killer to lover. These are just a small list off some the biggest changes that happen from the plays Phantom of The Opera to Love Never Dies. If you ask me i'm very interested in all these changes. I love Meg's new role in the plays and Raoul oh i love when he gets what he deserves, and the the Phantom, I am so happy for the poor guy. In Love Never Dies I really like the changes Andrew Lloyd Webber made to these characters but if i had to choose my one Megs change totally the best.

In “The Phantom Of The Opera” Meg Giry was almost the perfect person. She was a young and energetic girl. In the
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In “The Phantom Of The Opera” Raoul was kind of a ladies man, He was the wealthy rich good looking guy all the girls wanted to be with. The wealthiness of Raoul pretty much tells you all about his characteristics. Raoul can pretty much buy anything he wants and he really shows off his wealthiness to get girls. When he gets what he wants to he gets really cocky. When he found out the Phantom wanted Christine he got so cocky and braggy about him having Christine and being engaged it was almost disgusting. His cockiness often lead to carelessness and that's what got him in trouble at the end of the play. That's the thing i hate about Raoul the most is how careless he gets. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself. He thinks he loves and cares about Christine but it's all in his head, he really only cares about himself. Raoul was very pushy and controlling of Christine. He was always trying to get her to do what he wants like when he asked her to marry him. He really didn’t give her a choice at all. At the end of the play to he pretty much told her to choose him. When he pushed Christine around it made him really confident about everything. He thought he could do anything and whatever he wanted. He is a very pompous person and he makes everything about himself. When he got engaged and Christine didn’t want anyone to know he got very mad because he wanted everyone to know, He didn’t want to hide anything from anyone. I love what happens to …show more content…
His change from “The Phantom Of The Opera” to “Love Never Dies” was one of the most dramatic changes a character in an series has ever had. In the first opera the Phantom was not the kinda guy you’d want to wake up to in the morning. The Phantom has a very dark personality. One of the things in the play that tells you just how dark the Phantom really is, is all the dark clothes he wears. The Phantom always wears a very dark black tuxedo with a white shirt and a black tie to go along with it. The darkness really shows that he has a very angry life, he seems to blow off a lot over some pretty stupid things and when he killed that guy at the Opera House…. that was really something else. The Phantom gets really angry with Christine in the first opera mainly because he thinks he loves so when he sees her with Raoul I think the anger really comes out of jealousy. The jealousness from the Phantom isn’t one you see in a lot of of plays or movies, the Phantoms jealousy is almost cool in the fact that he would do anything to get Christine but it’s really not cool because he would even kill people to get her. I liked it at the end of the opera when Christine really showed the Phantom true love and compassion. As a child the Phantom was never showed true love or compassion by his mother, she made him wear a mask for crying out loud. I think that because his mother never showed im true love or compassion and was so

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